Our group is made up of local business owners, economic advocacy groups and various non-profit entities in our region. Our goal is to co-labor with any and all groups in the region that would like to promote and grow opportunities for the citizens of our area. The primary focus of our region is Southwest Volusia County and the neighboring communities.

  • To coordinate with governments, organizations and groups to create a collaborative vision for the region and our local cities.
  • To educate, aid and foster support for our local municipalities in moving forward their goals and visions for their individual cities.
  • To market the assets and attributes of the region to connect with target markets, enhance commerce and focus growth through engagement initiatives.
  • To create signature events that will be used to showcase West Volusia as a regional lifestyle destination, highlight common regional objectives, and enhance, Arts, Culture, Heritage and Eco tourism.


Rich Gailey
President, Money Concepts, Inc Website


Questions or comments? Let us know below.Questions or comments? Let us know below.

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